Intentional Interim Ministry Continuing Education Conference - Fall 2017 | Michigan District, LCMS

Intentional Interim Ministry Continuing Education Conference - Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 01:00 pm EDT to Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 12:00 pm EDT

Michindoh Conference Center
4545 E. Bacon Rd.
Hillsdale, MI 49242

Event Description: 

Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM) Fall Conferences

The Michigan District, LCMS hosts two fall Intentional Interim Ministry conferences. While the conference are hosted back to back, the event pages and registrations are distinct. If you plan to attend both, please be sure to register for each separate conference. Thank you!

September 25-27 - Introduction to Intentional Interim Ministry

September 27-28 - Intentional Interim Ministry Continuing Education

In the Intentional Interim Ministry Continuing Education Conference, Luther Snow will lead participants in the facilitation of his Asset Mapping process, a valuable skill with wide applications to Intentional Interim ministry. Building on that practice, Luther will help participants appreciate and lift up the gifts and opportunities already present in every congregation. Finally, Luther will train participants in additional leadership skills to help congregation leaders frame asset-thinking, facilitate collaboration and, in the process, discern God’s call for the congregation.


Registration Information: 

Online registration has closed. Call or email Laurie Brown, for additional information. 888.225.2111 ext. 255. 

*Note: There is no registration charge for IIM Continuing Education.


Luther K. Snow

Luther K. Snow is a national facilitator, author, and social inventor who specializes in empowering congregations, communities, and networks to take positive action for the common good. Luther is the creator of Asset Mapping, the in-person method for positive group collaboration that has “gone viral” and spread to over 2.5 million users across the US, Canada, and places overseas.

Known for his uplifting, engaging style and practical wisdom, Luther has worked with over 25,000 people and hundreds of organizations. He has published three bestselling books, including The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on Its Gifts and The Organization of Hope: A Workbook for Rural Asset-Based Community Development. Luther’s tools and practices have been widely used in Intentional Interim ministry and in both urban and rural ministries of the LCMS.

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper

Assistant to the President - Michigan District, LCMS

Rev. Dr. Rob Kasper presently serves as Assistant to the President / Congregation Mission and Ministry Support / Metro Zone for the MI District, LCMS. Prior to joining the MI District staff in 2012, Dr. Kasper served nearly 30 years as a parish pastor in suburban St. Louis, MO and Detroit, MI. He serves as the Facilitator for Intentional Interim Ministry in the Michigan District. Dr. Kasper is the father of four grown children, grandfather of two children, and lives with his wife, Debbie in Ypsilanti, MI.


Rev. Timothy Anderson - Chaplain

Agenda Details: 

Synopsis of Conference:

Congregational Assets and Generativity with Luther Snow, creator of Asset Mapping


1. Generativity, what it is and how it works in Scripture, faith, and community

2. Tapping assets and generative dynamics in congregations

3.  Fixed-sum and open-sum thinking, and how to reframe contexts for collaboration and positive action


1. Facilitating Luther Snow's Quick and Simple Asset Mapping Experience in a congregation

2. Using asset language in church leadership

3. Connecting assets and interests through one-on-one conversations

This session will focus on generativity, the dynamic that is at work whenever people act together voluntarily, to get things done as part of a larger whole.  Generativity is already at work in congregations where we share our faith with each other as witnesses to Christ's incorporation and as instruments of God's love and grace.  Luther will help participants understand generativity and to recognize generative dynamics in congregations.

Luther Snow's "Asset Mapping" is a group process which lifts up assets in our midst and demonstrates the power of generative thinking and action in our faith community.  Luther will train participants in facilitating his process in interim ministry contexts.  Luther will also train participants in skills for using asset language in interim leadership and in using asset skills in one-on-one conversations.

Participants will be encouraged to apply generative understanding and asset skills to their own experiences as interim ministers, and to share some of those insights and lessons with each other.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

  1:15 p.m.  Welcome and Opening Devotions:  Rev. Tim Anderson
  1:45 p.m. Session One:  Luther Snow 
  3:00 p.m.  Break and check into room if not done so
  3:30 p.m.  Session Two: Luther Snow  
  4:45 p.m.  Free Time 
  5:15 p.m.  Dinner  
  6:30 p.m.  Session Three:  Luther Snow  
  7:45 p.m.  Break  
  8:00 p.m.  Session Four:  Luther Snow  
  8:45 p.m.  Evening Devotions: Rev. Tim Anderson 
  9:00 p.m.  Social Time 

Thursday, September 28, 2017 

  8:00 a.m.  Breakfast
  8:45 a.m.  Bible Study and Prayer: Rev. Tim Anderson  
  9:45 a.m.  Break to check out 
  10:15 a.m.  Session Five:  Luther Snow  
  11:30 a.m.  Evaluations 
  11:45 a.m.  Closing Devotions and sending: Rev. Tim Anderson 
  Noon  Lunch and Departure 

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