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Michigan District, LCMS Convention

Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 07:00 pm EDT to Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 08:00 pm EDT

Concordia University
4090 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Event Description: 

Save the date for the 2018 Michigan District, LCMS Convention, June 24-26. Registration will begin in the afternoon and opening worship will be in the evening on Sunday, June 24. An official schedule will be posted when it becomes available. 


Overtures are recommendations in the form of proposed resolutions requesting action on the part of the convention. According to the 2016 LCMS Handbook, overtures to a convention of the District may be submitted by a member congregation, the Michigan District Board of Directors, an official district conference of ordained/commissioned ministers, or a forum of a circuit. Deadline to submit overtures is February 24, 2018. Please mail overtures to the Office of the President, Michigan District, LCMS, 3773 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105 or email to julie.strobl@michigandistrict.org.

Overture Template (.docx)

Nomination Forms

Position: President of the Michigan District, LCMS

For the Office of PRESIDENT, Michigan District Bylaws 5.9a-c state:

  • The Michigan District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod shall elect a President from among the clergy of the Synod.
  • Every voting member congregation of the Michigan District may nominate one pastor as a candidate for the Office of President.
  • The nomination of each member congregation shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than four (4) months prior to the opening of the District convention.

Below is the nominating form to be used when nominating for the Office of District President. According to District Bylaw 5.3b, The President may be elected to succeed himself in office no more than three (3) times. Therefore, as President David P. E. Maier, Ann Arbor, Mich. is in his third term as President, he is eligible for re-election.

Nomination Form: President of the Michigan District, LCMS

Position: Vice President of the Michigan District, LCMS

For the Office of REGIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT, please note in District Bylaws 5.10a-c:

  • The Michigan District shall elect one vice-president for each region from the clergy roster of the District with residence in the designated region.
  • Every voting congregation of a region may nominate one pastor from its region as a candidate for the office of vice‐president for its region.
  • The nomination shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than four (4) months prior to the opening of the District convention.

Below are the nominating forms to be used when nominating for the regional vice-presidents. Please note that nominees may only be pastors of your Region. Regional meetings for all convention delegates will be scheduled in the spring of 2018 in each region to establish by election the two-person regional slate for vice president. This slate will be brought forward to the district convention for final election. See the roster of eligible pastors in your region. In accordance with District Bylaw 5.3a, all current vice-presidents are eligible for re-election in their region.  

Nomination Form: Vice President of the Michigan District, LCMS - Metro East Region

Nomination Form: Vice President of the Michigan District, LCMS - Metro West Region

Nomination Form: Vice President of the Michigan District, LCMS - North and East Region

Nomination Form: Vice President of the Michigan District, LCMS - West Region

Position: Board of Directors of the Michigan District, LCMS

For the Members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, please note in District Bylaws 5.13a-b:

  • Every voting congregation in the Metro East or West Regions may nominate for positions on the Board of Directors. They nominate one (1) ordained minister, one (1) commissioned minister and two (2) laypersons from its region as candidates.
  • The nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than four (4) months prior to the opening of the District convention.

Below is the nominating form to be used when nominating regional members of the Board of Directors. District Bylaw 5.5c states … the convention held in even‐numbered years, the Metro‐East Region and the West Region shall nominate for the Board of Directors. Furthermore, please note in District Bylaw 5.3a: the term of office of each elected or appointed officer shall be three (3) years. All officers…may be elected or appointed to the same office for four (4) consecutive terms. Below is listed the current members from your region and their eligibility for re-election:

Metro East Region

Ordained – Rev. Norman A. Koy, eligible

Commissioned – Ms. Natalie A. Haupt, eligible

Lay – Mr. Stephen R. Boergert, eligible

Lay – Mr. Willard C. Ducharme, eligible

Nomination Form: Board of Directors - Metro East Region

West Region

Ordained – Rev. Craig L. Bickel, eligible

Commissioned – Mr. Richard C. Krueger, term-limited/ineligible

Lay – Ms. Ruth E. Martin, term-limited/ineligible

Lay – Mr. John C. Raffel, term-limited/ineligible

Nomination Form: Board of Directors - West Region

Position: Office of Circuit Visitor

For the Office of CIRCUIT VISITOR, please note the procedure outlined in Synod Bylaw 5.2.2a: The circuit visitor shall hold his position by virtue of his selection by the circuit forum and ratification by the district convention.

  • Circuit forums shall meet at the call of their circuit visitors to select their circuit visitors no later than January 31, 2018.

Four essential items of business should appear on the agenda of every congregation voters’ meetings in preparation of the Circuit Forum:

                1. Designate a pastor and lay representative to attend the circuit forum

                2. Nominate candidates for circuit visitor for the next triennium

                3. Participate in the triennial process to determine the Synod’s priorities

                4. Elect the congregation’s delegates to the District Convention

Below is the nominating form to use for Circuit Visitors. It may be helpful to refer to the list of congregations and pastors in each circuit.

As you consider pastors for nomination, please also keep in mind that SMP pastors are not eligible for nomination according to LCMS bylaw 2.13.1b(2).

Nomination Form: Office of Circuit Visitor

Position: Secretary of the Michigan District, LCMS

The Secretary of the District will keep the minutes of the conventions of the District in books provided for that purpose. He will attend to the giving and receiving of all notices of the District. He will sign, with the President or a Vice-President, in the name of the District, all contracts authorized by the Board of Directors. By precedent (Bylaw 7.2 does indicate the board determines its secretary), the secretary has served as secretary of the Board of Directors and as such prepares the minutes of the board. He is to oversee and certify the registration of all Michigan District delegates to the synod convention. He is to certify and process credentials for all district electors eligible to cast ballots for president of the synod. He is to receive and certify all nominations submitted by congregations for the office of district president, vice-presidents, and board of directors, and fulfill all other convention duties prescribed in the Michigan District bylaws. He is to serve as the administrator of the formal Dispute Resolution process as delineated in the Standard Operating Procedures Manual. His minutes and records shall be opened to examination to any member of the District at all reasonable times. He is to have such additional duties as may be delegated to him by the convention or the Board of Directors. Rev. David Reed is not eligible for re-election due to term limitations.

Nomination Form: Secretary of the Michigan District, LCMS

Position: Church Extension Fund - Board of Trustees

The Church Extension Fund (“CEF”) was organized in 1901 to serve the congregations and entities of what is now known as the Michigan District of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Its purpose is to acquire assets through sales of investments and maintain a fund to assist, by means of loans, grants or otherwise, the (i) Michigan District, (ii) congregations of the Michigan District, (iii) LCMS schools and colleges, (iv) entities and associations qualifying as LCMS recognized service organizations (a “RSO”), and (v) entities owned and/or operated by member congregations, in their efforts to acquire property, to erect buildings, to purchase equipment, and to support projects and the operations of the above. Loans may also be provided to congregations, schools, RSO’s, and the Michigan District to enable them to provide housing for their workers. CEF may also participate in loans, either in whole or in part, originated by another church extension fund located in another district of the LCMS or by the Lutheran Church Extension Fund of the LCMS.

CEF’s Board of Trustees shall consist of nine (9) elected members: three (3) persons duly rostered in the Michigan District, and six (6) laypersons. Candidates shall have an understanding of CEF ‘s programs and/or demonstrate expertise in fields or areas closely related to CEF activities such as banking, investments, accounting, law, real estate, business management, and financial planning. Trustees shall be members of congregations in good standing with the Michigan District. No congregation shall have more than one member from its congregation on the Board. Trustees are elected for a term of six years and are eligible to be elected for two consecutive terms. The Board shall conduct regular meetings (not less than six times per year) and keep an accurate record of its proceedings.

Highlighted in green are the positions are up for re-election in 2018.

Rostered Laypersons Laypersons

Rev. Robert Appold

Ms. Julie Hoegeman Mr. Timothy Haberling

Rev. Joel Hoyer
*ineligible due to term limitations

Mr. David Eberhard Mr. Kurt Kuck

Mr. Julian Petzold

Mr. Jeffrey Roscoe Mr. Eric Prisby

Nomination Form: Board of Trustees - Church Extension Fund

Position: District Nominating Committee

The District Nominating Committee shall draw up a list of candidates and alternates for the District Secretary, Church Extension Board of Trustees, District Nominating Committee, and the LCMS Committee for Convention Nominations and Alternate. The committee shall obtain the consent of the persons it proposes to nominate, as well as biographical data, and supply the Regional Assembly with this information. Following the regional nominations, the biographical data of persons nominated shall be transferred to the District Secretary in order that the District ballot may be drawn up.

Current Nominating Committee is eligible for re-election.

Metro East
Nomination Form
Metro West
Nomination Form
North & East
Nomination Form
Nomination Form

Rev. Thomas Fischer

Rev. Andrew Gruenhagen
Rev. Paul Hinz
Rev. Ryan Winningham

Mr. Terry Davis

Mr. Matthew Dummann
Mrs. Stephanie Baarck
Mr. Bradley Massey

Ms. Laura Davis

Mr. Philip Krauss II
Mr. John Nutzmann
Mr. William Boice

Position: LCMS Committee for Convention Nominations (CCN)

The CCN will be responsible for selecting two or more candidates and at least one alternate for all elective offices, boards, and commissions to be filled by the convention except President, First Vice-President, and regional vice-presidents. The committee will base its decisions upon review of biographical and evaluative information regarding candidates whose names were submitted by persons from throughout the Synod. Members of the committee should be able to work closely with other committee members for the common good of the Synod and be willing to set aside personal interests as appropriate in order to place into nomination those candidates most qualified to carry out the responsibilities of the offices being filled.

Member of the CCN may also be asked to serve at the time of the convention to process nominations from the floor.

Nomination Form: LCMS Committee for Convention Nominations

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