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Early Childhood Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan District - LCMS Early Childhood Cabinet is to encourage & facilitate Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate Early Childhood ministries for the congregations of the Michigan District.

We will:

  • Assist congregations in developing Christ-centered Early Childhood programs by providing information regarding Teacher Evaluation | Start-Ups | Colloquy information | Visitation/Networking | Salaries | Business plans | Staffing | Training Workshop/In-Service | Publicity | Accreditation | Development | Third Source Funding | Technology
  • Serve as advocates for Early Childhood Education and educators.
  • Educate congregations' administrators as to the importance of Early Childhood as a means of Mission and Ministry.
  • Promote and provide Christ-centered professionalism of Early Childhood educators.
  • Support and assist Early Childhood consultants as needed.
  • Promote quality, age-appropriate resources.
  • Uphold the Core Values of the Michigan District Early Childhood Cabinet

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Core Values

We Recognize:

  • That each child is a unique, redeemed child of God and that the spiritual welfare of each child is the primary focus for all Early Childhood ministries.
  • That the family is a child’s first and foremost teacher.
  • That Early Childhood Education is an intentional ministry to the families of young children and as such it appreciates, respects, and supports the bond between the child and family.
  • That Early Childhood Education is an integral part of the congregational mission and ministry.
  • That Early Childhood Education is a partnership in ministry that involves the family, staff, congregation, and community.
  • That children learn best through developmentally appropriate activities incorporating play and experimental exploration.
  • That Early Childhood Education provides a warm, safe, and Christ-centered environment where children develop to their fullest potential spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


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